Essential Question Journal Rubric


Good Morning 6th Grade,

Great job on your essential questions so far. Below I  have attached the rubric that will provide you with my expectations for completing your journals and getting full credit. Remember it's important to answer the question thoroughly, so do not rush. The small details matter. The essential questions ensure that you are comprehending all the materials covered in class.

If you were absent last Monday the essential question was:

  • Describe the difference between a grand plie in first and a grand plie in second position.
  • Describe all the characteristics for a proper tendu. 

Download Journal Rubric

6th Grade - Week of August 29th

Hello 6th Grade!

We are off to a great start with learning the foundation steps of ballet. First we have learned plie (to bend), tendu (to stretch), and now degage (to disengage). Remember degage and tendu are very similar. We compared and contrasted the steps yesterday in class and took notes in our journals. If you would like to review what we learned please watch this "how to degage" demonstration that we watched in class. Make sure you are keeping up with all of your notes in class and writing down the main ideas and concepts. 

Think about ballet etiquette and our comparisons to ballet being traditionally regal and standing regal at the barre. How do you start and finish a barre combination? How do you enter and exit the classroom? When is the appropriate time to talk? This are all important things to be aware of. Not only are they covered in your standards, but dance classes outside of school find these rules very very important. 


Quick reminder about dance clothes - We are learning how to be responsible and keep up with our belonging. We talked about learned how to stay organized and tools we can use to keep track of our belongings. First, make sure you places your dance bags on a shelf in the same spot everyday. Once you dress out, place your belongings back in your bag. After class, double check to make sure you have all of your dance clothes. Last, keep your dressing room neat and tidy. It is very important that you all do not lose your items. 

Dress Code  Policy: 

The dress code policy states that is students have misplaces their items they are to have their parents write a note or send an email to This excuse note will allow them to continue participating in class until they have found or replaced their dance clothes. If they do not have an excused note they will have a written alternative assignment and lose 20 points for the day. Participation is very important in dance because we learn through movement. Always be prepared for class.

Looking forward to working this week!

7th Grade - Week of August 29th

Hello 7th Grade!

Wow, look how far you are coming along and refining your technique! You understand the foundation steps and now we are ready to begin new choreography next week. We will start off with your ballet dances that will be performed at the Taste of Acworth Saturday, October 15th. Please stay tuned for a specific time. Details will be given soon to all students.

This week, we are continuing to work on our tendu combination with jumps. Please review this combination and write down the steps if you are having trouble memorizing them. From my observation all of you are ready for the dance assessment next Monday during class. 

Also this week, we are reviewing early ballet history that is accompanied by a history packet and questionnaire  Download The History of Ballet Worksheet. We will be reviewing our history lessons Monday, Wednesday, Friday and next Monday. The lesson is partnered with a PPT that gives examples of the time period.  Download Ballet History through picture. Students should be able to compare and contrast early ballet to today's ballet and understand how it has evolved over time. 

Keep up the good work 7th grade!



8th Grade - Week of August 29th

Hello 8th Grade!

Awesome job this week working on Spooktacular choreography. We are beginning to understand the characterization, getting comfortable with the improvisation, and learning new steps. Please remember that it is important to practice  and memorize the steps, so we can work on the execution in class. If you ever need to spend time in class writing down the steps please do so.

This week we will be recording the group practices and analyzing them together. We will make a list of action items we would  like to work on and beginning knocking them off our list one by one. Remember, Spooktacular is a dance you will remember forever (seeing as it will be performed in front of your 8th grade class). Let's make is something you will be very proud of, and we can do that together!

Ms. Perkins 

Spooktacular - 8th Grade

8th Grade!


The Taste of Acworth (October 15th)  and Spooktacular (October 31) are fast approaching. Your students have been working very diligently to prepare for their performances and developing their characterizations of being a zombie. In class, we watched a couple zombie clips to help them get inspired and get into character.

We also brainstormed make-up and costumes. The costumes for Spooktacular will be long sleeve shirts they have at home that can be shredded. Please start collecting items that you feel will be of good use to destroy and alter for the performance. The make-up items needed will be black eye shadow, pale foundation, and artificial blood.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Nicole Perkins 

6th Grade How To Videos

Good Morning 6th Grade!

It has been a pleasure getting to know you this year and developing your expertise on the ballet barre. I wanted to share with you the "How To" videos we watched in class on doing a plie and a tendu.


Remember, Friday you have a simple assessment on the five basic ballet positions of the feet and how to correctly stand at the barre in fifth position on both sides. 

Positions of the feet

How to stand at the barre


Week of August 22nd

Good Afternoon Barber Dance Family,

I would like to update you all on what your students will be covering in class this week and any important updates.

6th Grade - 6th grade is being introduced to the basic ballet positions, dance etiquette, and using the ballet barre. The five basic positions of the feet are first, second, third, fourth and fifth. The positions were drawn in their dance journals during class. It is important that each student has a composition notebook to use for notes, essential questions and self reflections. Students also performed skits about dance etiquette that they will use througout the school year. This week students are focusing on learning plie and tendu. Students have written down notes on how to perform the steps on their dance journ. located here -> is the history through pictures PPT.  Download Ballet History through picture

7th Grade - 7th grade has been working on progressive moments at the barre and advancing their technique. 7th graders are working on the foundation steps such as plie, tendu, degage, ronde de jambe, and grand battements. They have been split into two groups based on need. We have the pleasure of having a student teacher come in twice a week and assist with more one on one guidance.

8th grade - 8th grade is working on their Spooktacular choreography. Now that they have mastered the technique of jazz and ballet they are focusing on refining the execution of their skills through choreography. The Spooktacular performance is an in house performance for all fine arts students that is focused on a Halloween type production. It will be performed at the Taste of Acworth, October 15th and at school October 31st. 

Nicole Perkins 

Wednesday, August 3 2016

Good Afternoon!

It has been a great first week so far and the students are off to a great start and getting settled into dance. This week we passed out the Dance Handbook  Download 2016-2017 Dance Handbook. Students are to view the handbook with their parents and bring back the last two pages signed. We always need volunteers, so if there are any parents interested in helping out this year we would love your help!

8th Grade - We are beginning Spooktacular choreography. Spooktacular will be performed at the Acworth Fall Festival October 15th. 

7th - Today, 7th grade had a ballet vocabulary pre-test that will prepare them for the terms they will be working on in class this semester. 

6th - 6th grade is still in rotations and will begin their fine arts classes next Monday. 

Thank you for checking the blog,

Ms. Perkins